Principles of Activity

The Foundation organizes its activities on the following main principles:

- Targeting:

Programs realized and the support should be addressed to the targets, which are experiencing the most need of social assistance and supporting of which contributes to the accomplishment of the foundation goal.

- Collegiality of decision-making:

One of the main guarantees for social assistance targeting is the collegiality of decisions’ making. In case of "Manes" Foundation, the decisions related to the support targeting are made by the Board of Trustees, which is consisted of individuals, who are well-informed about different spheres of life in Lori and Martakert (NKR) regions, particularly in the social and economic realities and have authority in the region.

- Urgency and adequacy:

Support should be provided timely and adequate to the problems to which it is addressed.

- Sustainability:

Social support should be aimed at eliminating the causes, creating the need for those and at sustainable development.

- Transparency and publicity:

The Foundation activity is based on information transparency, publicity and public control.